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Beyond the Whiteboard

Track your progress

Beyond the Whiteboard

If you follow a measurable program, whether it be running, weightlifting, gymnastics or CrossFit, you need to track your performance for long-term development. If you don’t keep track of your “Fran” time, max back squat, best 10K run and so on, you cannot have a reference point to test your fitness next time these challenges appear.

​The way you track your fitness should be easy, comprehensive, and provide you with the proper data to completely understand your training experience, which is why we use Beyond the Whiteboard. Beyond the Whiteboard (also known as “BTWB”) is a website and workout tracking app designed by athletes who understand the limitations of training journals, and allows you to track your results, and more.

Track your progress

No more guesswork.
Get monthly, quarterly and annual reports to analyse your data; If you want to know if your running times are getting faster, your squat is going up, or if your weight is moving in the right direction, you can easily view the data in graphs. Say goodbye to guesswork!

Identify your weaknesses

Compare yourself against other athletes.
Based on worldwide entries, you can analyse your overall fitness and compare your performance across workout categories including endurance, speed, power lifts, olympic lifts, heavy and light workouts.

Make Better Workout Choices

Be inspired by proven workout routines.
You’ll spend less time making better workout choices with the platform’s workout filter, which allows your to base your next workout on movements, duration, loading, total reps, and popularity.

CrossFit Heerlen on

Beyond the Whiteboard

CrossFit Heerlen’s programming is pre-loaded into the BTWB system so, once you subscribe to one of our monthly plans, you will be able to easily track our fitness programs and your results each day. Over time you’ll be able to easily examine your results through fitness indexes, power graphs and many other useful ways, too.

If you want to start tracking your performance, bodyweight, strength and more, you can join us on Beyond the Whiteboard! Subscription is free to CrossFit Heerlen Membership holders. Non members (i.e. punch card holders) can join us for €10 a month.

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How fit are you?

All members receive a free subscription to Beyond the Whiteboard, click below to sign up.